More than fly clothes, Gorilla Brain was developed to elevate you and bring stunning awareness to your greatest asset...YOUR GENIUS BRAIN. Luther Freeman, the fearless GENIUS creator of the Gorilla Brain Culture has a unique admiration for expression and sees life through eyes that search for genius in everyone. He has experienced an enormous amount of success in a variety of fields, from Mentoring, to Coaching, to Marketing and has spent the last year completely shut off from everything to dedicate his Creative power to developing the “GBC”. A lifestyle culture that empowers, inspires and dresses you in the best gear to live your GENIUS LIFE. 

A word from our Founder:


“When you see me, I want you to SEYMOUR! Seymour Genius, the signature Gorilla with his brain exploding out of his crown represents a term I created, “Aggressive Expression” which is a way of turning our emotionally charged feelings into OUR OWN UNIQUE expression of creativity and genius expression. I see a gateway to freedom of self and a solution to mental health. I’ve been getting to know and interpret this Guy for the last year through many different creations.You have a genius brain too, but maybe you haven't learned how to TAP IN. I’m here to live a genius life, not an ordinary one. I invite you to walk with me and when They see you, they will SEYMOUR too.”